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Blade Girl: Idle RPG

Official Launch – Global + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Blade Girl: Idle RPG (by fleximindg)

After the dragon that protect each country disappeared, the monsters are becoming more ferocious.
The saints who saw this situation bring in someone who will become a hero from another world…
Be a saint and help the hero save the world!

Enjoy the game with simple controls!
Help the hero catch monsters more easily without complicated controls!

Blade Girl: Idle RPG

Use the power of a saint!
Summon a saint to help the hero!
Many saints will help the hero with their own powers!

Blade Girl: Idle RPG

Offline rewards offered!
Even if you do not log in every day, you can get rewards such as gold and experience!

Blade Girl: Idle RPG

Growth through content!
Please grow your warriors with the goods you get through content!

Blade Girl: Idle RPG

Everyday reward!
Support the hero with everyday reward!

Blade Girl: Idle RPG
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