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Blade of Extinction


💡Platform – Android

The description of 滅絕之刃 (by JRGame)

The cute and fun free adventure MMORPG “Blade of Extinction” is cute and online.
Q cute healing character painting style, diverse gameplay system, warm scene interactive design, focusing on creating a battle bond system for players and partners. Come and pick your partner and join this adventure together!

Partner is the bond
Different partners play together to trigger different bond activation effects, which not only cause powerful blows to the enemy in the battle, but can also be transformed into player attributes


Customize the appearance as you like, free group fashion
My clothes are the main body! Create your own personalized outfits, hundreds of outfits can be freely matched, personalized backs, CosPlay, armor, maid outfits? ? ?


Strategy to win, trade to get rich
Make treasures, change jobs, trade equipment, and get rich easily. There are also multiplayer PK activities such as the Holy League for hegemony, Raiders of the Raiders, and the Warriors League cross-server battle, so that the marginalized people are no longer marginalized.


Fun family team up to start a group
Fishing, dancing parties, snowball fights, allies assist in the battle, and profit bonuses. Challenge the world boss with your family friends, chat with your little brothers and sisters, and mingle with the NPCs in the main city.


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