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Blade of God X – NFT

💡 Platform – Android | iOS | PC | Epic Store

The description of Blade of God X – NFT (by Void Labs)

Beta test ongoing 5/20-5/28

World Creation

Rooted in Norse mythology, players assume the role of an “Inheritor,” reborn through the cycles, and embark on a journey from Muspelheim to explore the vast realms supported by the World Tree. By traversing the timelines of Voidom, Primglory, and Trurem, players have the choice of “Sacrifice” or “Redemption,” allowing them to acquire artifacts or seek the assistance of hundreds of deities, including Odin the Allfather and Loki the Evil, to shape the progression of the world.

Inheritor, the gods annihilated in the dusk —
You, are the ultimate guardian.

Blade of God X - NFT

Dynamic Combos & Skill Chain

Building upon the exhilarating combos from Blade of God I, we have introduced enhanced strategic depth to combat.
The integration of counterattacks with skill chains empowers players to analyze the behavioral patterns and attack sequences of diverse bosses. Seizing the opportune moments when they are stunned or staggered, players can unleash focused attacks, making great damage.

Blade of God X - NFT

Unique Concept, Soul Core System

Hela, who had nothing left to lose; Esther, who left her past behind; Chaos, who abandoned the physical form.
Embedding the soul cores of monsters into the skill chain allows the protagonist to harness the power of souls in combat. Paired with the protagonist’s professional features to find out limitless possibilities for the style of combat.

Blade of God X - NFT
Blade of God X - NFT

Multiplayer Cooperation & Collaborative Confrontation

Hand of corruption, assist horn, and invading. Engage in collaborative battles, compete for rewards, and execute cunning strategies.
Form or join a Caravan, participate in genuine and fair PvP, and collaborate to conquer formidable bosses.

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Blade of God X - NFT

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