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Blade War

Official Launch(KR) + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of 블레이드워 (by 주식회사 아이톡시)

Proceed with pre-registration right now and get all the cute ‘Limited Vehicles & Wings’ and various goods!

Game Introduction
Freely choose which country you belong to and unite 8 countries together with your members.
After unification, rise to the throne and get a chance to lead the country.


Quick and easy growth factor
Achieve level 100 in a blink of an eye!
Immerse yourself in the fun of growing your character through lightning-fast level-up speed and various growth factors!

There is no RPG that is more comfortable and fun than this!
Busy modern people can also enjoy the automatic quest and automatic hunting system.
Earn rewards even when you exit the game with Offline Rewards!


Various large-scale PvP contents
Massive PvP content based on countries and guilds!
Win in large-scale cross-country PvP to gain additional benefits for your country!

Fairy System
A fairy and companion system that is always with you during battle!
Help in battle with fairies’ unique skills, and receive additional rewards by sending out dispatches.
Grow from cute animal-type fairies to beautiful humanoid fairies and conquer the battlefield together!


Realistic weather effects
Enhance immersion by realizing realistic weather with the latest physically-based rendering technology that brings the feeling of changing weather.

Various cooperative contents
No more playing games alone!
Play the game happily while communicating with guild members through various cooperative contents such as guild banquets and elephant transport operations!

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