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Bladers: Multiplayer Spinning Tops

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The description of Bladers: Multiplayer Spinning Tops

An exhilarating and realistic gaming experience which allows the player to clash with other real-time players on a one-on-one spinning top battle.
Players can either play with friends or with a random player across the internet.

Voice chat- The players in a battle can converse through voice chat option inside the game to enhance the game experience.
In-app Purchases- Through in-app purchases the player can unlock extra abilities for the spinning tops and even new spinning tops with a different powerup!
Players can choose their side of either opting for an ‘Attacking’ or a ‘Defending’ spinning top.
Players can unleash the ultimate DRAGON power of the spinning top to completely knock out the opponent!

Bladers: Multiplayer Spinning Tops
Bladers: Multiplayer Spinning Tops

About the game
The player can choose from a variety of spinning tops with different abilities and features. The spinning tops work purely on natural physics. The player has to damage the other player’s spinning top and
the last one to survive through the battle without dying will be the winner.

Bladers: Multiplayer Spinning Tops
Bladers: Multiplayer Spinning Tops

Abilities and Powerups
Each of the spinning tops has a different type of powerups and abilities according to the type of spinning tops they are. Powerups when used by a top make the other spinning top vulnerable and damages its health.
There are also levels in the powerups based on what amount of damage they cause to the other spinning top.

Bladers: Multiplayer Spinning Tops
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