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Blazing Legend M (Th)

Official Launch+Apk

💡Platform – Android

The description of Blazing Legend M (by R2 PLAY)

Perfect 3D effect system
All new 3D system offers a perfect effect. The effects of the super stylish skill. Experience a world of martial arts like no other. Fight, soar, travel as you wish!

Sect clan battles Fierce duels
The sect of a hundred people united in one screen. There were thousands of people scrambling together. Bosses across the surf Rare equipment drop Fiercely fight There is also a single showdown. Scramble for the title who is the strongest and the great power to dominate the surf! With a variety of fighting modes Multiple growth paths For you to defeat your opponent as you wish!

Blazing Legend M

Various activities team building stage
There are various activity levels every day. Take the team to wade together comfortably. Both beating the boss and getting to know each other The device drop rate is very high. Create the most exclusive equipment freely!

Blazing Legend M

Beautiful god beast Fashion set with colorful feathers
Riding on a pet like crazy power Summoned to help fight as you wish. A ferocious appearance that devours millions of demons. Battle power soar! Not only increases the status Also increases the speed Help you navigate the map at the speed of light and complete missions! Various fashion Let you be yourself to the fullest!

Blazing Legend M

Real social, sincere meeting
The full vowed wedding ceremony Witness happy moments! Tied the Wassanapop before this life, each world made a promise Give souvenirs to each other This world is together forever!

Blazing Legend M

Trade independently to be a millionaire overnight
Market auctions help you get rich! Do not want to waste excess equipment? There are so many precious things that the backpack can’t fit? Market system Use the gourd in the game. Set prices manually, transparent market, suppress injustice!

Blazing Legend M
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