Bless Eternal

Official Launch(KR)+ APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of 블레스 이터널 (by Longtu Korea Inc.)

Next Chapter of Original Bless!
A more beautiful medieval building and field map!
A more sophisticated world of Bless in mobile!
Endless exploration in a vast open world!

Bless Eternal

Next Chapter of the obvious raid!
Tanks, dealers, and healers! No one can be left out!
A true raid where all classes work together to attack!
A unique attack method that exists in each raid!
Implementation of more exciting raid content!

Bless Eternal

Next Chapter in battle style!
Various battle methods using non-targeting skills and moving shots!
Complete your own skill style with strategic skill & rune setting!
Fierce battle to win victory with physical and strategy!

Bless Eternal

Next Chapter in the content area!
Massive RvR, Battle Royale, Class Arena
World Boss, Raid Boss, Guild Boss
A continuation of infinite fun such as pets and vehicle timing systems!

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Bless Eternal

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