Blood Chaos (Kr)

Official Launch+Apk

Introduction to the game
“MMORPG Red Action Fantasy” Bloody chaos
Soon, chaos begins.
Will you have the glory of victory? Will you leave a scar from defeat?

Blood Chaos

Game Features
“360º FULL 3D gorgeous graphics”
360º FULL 3D gorgeous graphics and fighting using Unity 3D technology!
Play MMORPG with a convenient interface that conveys the emotions of your PC.

Blood Chaos

The combination of personality and skills
Combining traits for different professions, you get a character that suits the situation!
Create your own character with a combination of colorful skills and equipment.

Blood Chaos

Battle in real time
Intense real-time battles in open fields!
Experience a battle in which real field forces battle fiercely.

Blood Chaos

Mass battle 30 to 30
30vs30 large-scale battles that will provide you with a variety of combat entertainment!
Check your fate for the victory of the faction.

The look that makes me special
A special appearance system that will brighten up your adventure and growth!
Show off your personality through a variety of costumes, wings, mounts, pets, and more.

Infinite Free Economic System, Commodity Exchange
A free economic system that recognizes the value of effort!
Trade equipment and items freely through exchanges.

Stay tuned for updates in the official Facebook community.
Blood Chaos

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