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Blood Throne

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The description of Blood Throne

Blood Throne is a multiplayer online fantasy strategic war RPG. In the game, you play a Lord who leads various heroes to reclaim the villages, and destroy the Demons invading your homeland. Compete for the throne of glory against other Lords from all over the world!

A New World To Discover
Learn about the Uranos Realm as you make new discoveries amidst the fog, and exterminate the Demons infesting your homeland to save your people!

Blood Throne

Village Management Tactics
Build friendly ties with villages, and attract more people to move into your castle.

Blood Throne

Internal Policies and Affairs
Upgrade your castle attributes such as Security, Military, Economy, and Research to make your castle more powerful!

Blood Throne

Recruit and Train Heroes
Dispatch Heroes based on their attributes to assist with internal affairs, or command them to fight at the frontlines!

Blood Throne
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