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Blood Witch

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of 블러드 위치 (by GAME CRAFT)

Game Introduction
New job: White Bone Witch appears!
You can choose and switch between a variety of unique jobs according to your preference!
Feel the thrill of battle by implementing your own fighting style with different skills!

블러드 위치

Equipment accumulation that goes beyond equipment inheritance!
When changing gears, you can retain existing equipment and continuously strengthen it!
Improve your combat power comfortably and quickly with the first equipment accumulation system!

블러드 위치

Various boss battles and unprecedented drop rates!
You can obtain rare items by challenging endless boss battles!
Experience stress-free hunting with unimaginable odds!

블러드 위치

Large-scale server battles and real-time PVP battles!
A server vs. server battle that puts your pride on the line!
Become the hero of PVP glory in a battlefield that transcends server boundaries!

Free auction system with no charging required!
Free item and equipment trading!
Enjoy the game without any burden through the auction system!

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블러드 위치

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