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💡Platform – Android

The description of Bombagun (by ATENT GAMES LTD)

Bombagun – is a competitive card game set in the immersive post-apocalyptic universe of ATOM RPG. The game features a simple yet intricate rule set, original card designs and NO pay-to-win card collection elements or loot boxes! All players are dealt from the same deck, so only your own strategy, tactics, wits and luck decide whether you win or lose!


Game features:
– 40+ originally designed, hand-drawn cards created in the Soviet post-apocalyptic style of ATOM RPG;
– Simple rules which allow for a diverse array of play styles and strategies;
– No pay to win, no card collecting elements, no loot box mechanics;
– Original soundtrack;
– Mobile platform oriented design;
– Cloud account to save your preferences;
– Fight another human player randomly selected by the server or try your best against an AI;
– Hours of fun for all who enjoy classic card games with an original new twist!


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