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Boom Beach: Frontlines

Official Launch – Global + APK

The description of Boom Beach: Frontlines (by Space Ape)

Boom Beach: Frontlines is a 9v9 team shooter, with a focus on troops, vehicles, teamplay and tactics. Level up your HQ to unlock new troops and expand your loadout. Return to the Archipelago, play as a character you know and love, and meet new faces! If you love Boom Beach it’s time to squad up and jump in!

With regular updates, tons of units, constant map rotations, and gameplay that rewards teamwork, Boom Beach Frontlines brings the battlefield to mobile!

Huge Team Battles!
Jump into the largest team battles on mobile! Utilize teamwork, tactics, and strategy to outwit and outplay your opponents!

Collect and upgrade a variety of troops, vehicles, powerups and defenses, each with their own abilities, strengths, and tactics!

Boom Beach: Frontlines

Play games to gain stars and progress your Boom Pass! Unlock Chests, Gems, Coins and New Units! Watch out for fresh content every Season!

Boom Beach: Frontlines

Climb the leaderboards and become the best Player around!

Boom Beach: Frontlines

Escalating Chaos
Battles get wilder as each game progresses, starting with troops to larger towers and finally unleashing the devastating heavy vehicles.

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Boom Beach: Frontlines
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