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Bounty Rush : Caribbean

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💡Platform – Android | iOS

The description of Bounty Rush (by YOULOFT GAMES)

An unknown sea area, scattered with unexplored islands, treasures, and dangers hidden in the deep.
A group of pirates who came from afar started a journey to conquer the sea and harvest treasures. Recruit new partners, loot, hunt for treasures, and set sail towards the magnificent sea.

Bounty Rush : Caribbean

1. Easy to develop multiple roles
It’s easy to develop a legendary pirate.
Training system is simple and equipment is free to obtain.

Bounty Rush : Caribbean

2. Exciting adventure experience
Various enemies, fierce exploration and cheerful battles.
Different skills of elite and boss bring you different experience.

Bounty Rush : Caribbean

3. Massive game content
Sailing adventures, bounty challenges, plundering challenges, wealth and opportunities are everywhere. Destroy the enemy and become a legend!

Bounty Rush : Caribbean
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