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Brave Dungeon

Official Launch – Mobile

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Brave Dungeon (by INSIDE SYSTEM)

What is the “The Legend of Datk Witch Series”?
The first game was developed by Japanese indie studio INSIDE SYSTEM in 2014 and released as a 3DS download by Circle.ent, and the series has sold over 450,000 copies.

What is “Brave Dungeon”?
Brave Dungeon, an offshoot of the Dark Witch series, was featured in Nindies, the predecessor to Nintendo’s Indie World, and was exhibited at the Nintendo booth during Bitsummit. It has sold a total of 100,000 copies worldwide.

Brave Dungeon

A sequel that inherits the basic system of the previous Brave Dungeon from the Dark Witch series. You can play three different stories with their own systems and protagonists.

Brave Dungeon

-Al: Walk through the vast Forest of Miracles and look for the exit of the forest. Collect a limited number of “GrassKeys” to get through the countless “IvyDoors” that blocks your path. You can further your exploration by picking up the pieces of Syega scattered throughout the forest and use them to create “Seama Items”.

Brave Dungeon

-Klinsy: The goal is to find the “Unsealing Books” hidden in the three library stacks known as the “Unopened Archives”. There are many “Sealing Traps” in the library that tests the wisdom of intruders.

Brave Dungeon

-Papelne: Papelne is brought to an empty plain. She begins to build her city from scratch. Gather materials to craft new tools and objects. You are free to build and decorate the city as you wish. Let’s build a more attractive city and get more visitors!

Brave Dungeon
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