West Legends: Guns & Horses

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💡 Platform – Android

The description of Brave Trials (by Bozzy Games)

An epic new western-themed RPG + SLG!

Build your own town in the Wild West, and become a hero of the land!

The Wild West is a place of freedom and chaos.
Outlaws and ferocious beasts are rampant here. Summon your courage and fight them with your weapons.
Go fishing at the lake, or take a stroll around town to experience the beauty of the Wild West.
Plus, look out for thrilling romantic encounters!

As mayor, you’ll develop the town, develop technology, build an army, and fight against outlaws to protect your townspeople.
Uncover the gangs’ secrets, and become a legend of the Wild West!

As a mayor, your duty is to build the town, develop technology, build an army, and get rid of outlaws to protect your townspeople.
Uncover the gangs’ secrets, and emerge as a legend of the Wild West!


– Get on your horse, and explore this vast land. Build friendships, wipe out the outlaws, uncover the townspeople’s stories, and discover unexpected treasure.

– Defeat enemies with your guns and intelligence. Choose your Heroes based on your enemies’ weaknesses and start the battle between the legends and the outlaws of the Wild West!

West Legends: Guns & Horses

– Work with an alliance whose interests align with yours to take down stronger enemies, and fulfill your ambitions by vying for territories and resources with your rivals.

– Build your town. Construct a saloon, train station, store, gristmill, and sawmill, along with other types of buildings. You decide how to develop your town and protect your people.

West Legends: Guns & Horses

– Stay adventurous! Have a showdown at noon, head into the Wilderness to hunt beasts, or perhaps explore these vast lands on your horse. Countless surprises await you in the West.

West Legends: Guns & Horses

– Head to the romantic hotel where beautiful ladies will stop in their tracks when they set their eyes upon you. Lavish them with attention, and they will return your affection!

Official Discord: https://discord.gg/vKX8YThbpW

Available: Google Play – USA

Brave Trials: West Legends

Created by ©PalmassGames

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