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Brawl King – Roguelike Hack’n’Slash

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💡 Platform – Android

The description of Brawl King (by HeroCraft Labs)

Greetings, warrior! Welcome to Valhalla! You’ll find everything you desire here: endless battles, powerful weapons, piles of gold and raucous feasts.

Brawl King - Roguelike Hack’n’Slash

Our host has prepared some trials for your enjoyment, with deadly dungeons, hordes of enemies, magical abilities and mountains of loot! Happy hunting!

And do not fear death – you will always be reborn in Valhalla. Now sharpen your axe and head into battle! To the glory of Odin!

Brawl King - Roguelike Hack’n’Slash

Brawl King is Viking fantasy roguelike action-slasher game with RPG elements.

Brawl King - Roguelike Hack’n’Slash

Main features:
– Frantic close-combat action and a deep combat system;
– Simple and responsive one-finger controls;
– Random abilities and dungeons that make each battle unique;
– Epic armor and legendary weapons to upgrade your warrior and create your own playstyle.

Available: Google Play – RU

Brawl King - Roguelike Hack’n’Slash
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