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Brown Dust 2 – Adventure RPG

Official Launch – Global + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of Brown Dust 2 – Adventure RPG (by NEOWIZ)

Game Introduction

A new adventure RPG full of exciting stories and journeys
A console-like adventure with high-end 2D graphics, complete with detailed pixel artwork.
Experience the unique adventure and story of Brown Dust 2 that opens new horizons for 2D RPGs.

Brown Dust 2 - Adventure RPG

Start your multiverse journey with charming characters
An epic journey with an amazing cast of characters with high-quality illustrations and 8-way sprites!
Experience the exciting story that unfolds in the multiiverse of time and space.

The Good Ol’ Nolstalgic Game Cartridge system
A return to the classic console’s nostalgic game cartidge!
Feel the unique console cartridges which serve as the perfectly reinterpreted to the Brown Dust 2 mobile game.

Brown Dust 2 - Adventure RPG

Fun of exploring the well-made field
Enjoy your own adventure by solving hidden gimmicks in every corner of the map!
Experience the adventures that you’ve never experienced before.

Exciting adventure with strategic battle system
Unique and fierce turn-based battle in the infinite multi-universe!
Don’t miss the fun of well designed turn-based battles as well as the adventures!

Brown Dust 2 - Adventure RPG

Don’t forget the flower of the adventure! PVP between users and the Evil Castle
The excitment of victory that we feel everytime with the endless competition!
Test your limit at the Evil Castle and complete your adventure!

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Brown Dust 2 - Adventure RPG

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