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Brownies 2

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The description of Brownies 2

Looking for a chocolate cake? Here’s your brownie!
It’s not only a delicious dessert, but also a way to name a house-elf in England!

Leave a saucer with milk for a brownie, and your house will always be full of love, peace and coziness.

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Legends are forgotten, magic leaves our world, but there’s still one mysterious village, where Brownies live in every house. The small elves perform various chores in big people’s houses, but now they are desperately in need of help. The Queen is kidnapped, the Princess is bewitched, and the female brownies disappeared in the whole Brownieland. The King and all the magic land citizens are at a loss. They need a hero!

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Meet Rusty, an ordinary brownie, not a hero, but he’s madly in love with the princess, so he’s ready to give his life for her. The Evil Sorcerer’s Army stands against him: trolls, goblins and snakes. Even pumpkins are dangerous in this world. No time to think. Evil is awake and spreads all over…

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Heroism and glory are good things, but one soldier does not make a battle. Rusty calls his friends from the people’s world! The Smiths are real superheroes for brownies as only sky is the limit for them! Mum, dad, Ellie and Peter are rushing to help again!

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Guide to Brownieland:
– The world of brownies exists! Our ordinary things are gigantic in Brownieland!
– There’s no house without an owner: all the 10 houses are inhabited by a unique people.
– A brownie doesn’t mean an old hairy creature in a hood and a mantle. Northland brownies, nomad brownies, aborigine brownies, farmer-brownies, sage brownies and many more will come your way..
– Evil is awake: Hubrithink, the sorcerer, tears the fabric of the world, summoning trolls, goblins and the mischievous Spectres to help him.

– New vermin attacks : you banished raccoons, spiders and crows in the previous part of the game. But what will you do now? This time you’ll have to deal with goblins and snakes that can be banished only by knights, runes are useless in his case!
– Brownieland transport system is destroyed: collect magical artifacts and open portals between houses.
– Bring the good and light back: disenchant black statues – make it easier for you to play and the brownies to live.

– Restore the magic land: mend bridges and towers, build mills and sandcastles, put out fires, rescue cows. Brownieland will thank you!
– Get more than 100 medals as a reward: your persistence and industriousness will bring you crystals.
– Strategy and speed are the key to success: every level is unique and well-thought-out, it will challenge your speed and strategic thinking.
– Fascinating music and amazing graphics create an exclusive atmosphere of good old England.

Play together with your family. Follow the development of the fairy tale’s plot. All efforts of Rusty and the Smiths are in vain without you!

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