Bruke Lim : Legend Returns

Official Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Bruke Lim : Legend Returns (by Joytiny)

Become the master of Jeet Kune Do, you can unleash the power right now
Transform into Bruke Lim, a young hero with powerful kung fu to fight the criminal gangs that are roaming in the US and rescue his wife – Linda Lim
Unlock all unlimited skills
Kill the enemies within the time limit to clear the level and get the reward
Level up your strength, vitality and discover the ultimate Jeet Kune Do
Get unique event costumes and more

When a part of the city is turned into a private reserve for criminals, all the gangs are about to take over the city. A street fighter Bruke Lim, known as the youngest kungfu master decided to stand up and works his way through all the mafia gangsters of the crime-ridden city in USA. Bruke Lim wants to regain freedom of the streets before it gets even worse. Fight to take down a corrupt system by his courage and special skills. Let’s follow his kungfu footsteps.

1. Intuitive Gameplay
Create your own combos by tapping, holding, swiping – destroy enemies in limited time in action game mode

Bruke Lim : Legend Returns

2. Release the FURY’s Power
FURY gives you the extraordinary strength of a master kungfu, possessing high attack power and lightning speed like a game of death.

3. Equip Weapons
Heroes always need treasure weapon. Get NUNCHAKU and many other powerful weapons immediately when reaching the corresponding level. Weapons will give greater power, better combos and kill enemies faster

Bruke Lim : Legend Returns

4. Power Buff
You can buy upgrades to instantly receive a large amount of early game power – which helps Bruke Lim clear the map quickly

Bruke Lim : Legend Returns

5. Suits
Let’s suit and fight like dance. Cooler than ever with 10 tailored suits for you

6. Amazing reward
Get rewarded for achievements and daily gifts


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