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BTS Dream: TinyTAN House

Early access

💡 Platform – Android

The description of BTS Dream: TinyTAN House (by Netmarble)

A rhythm & decorating game starring BTS’ TinyTAN characters!
Open the magic door to Dream World, where dreams come true!
Today’s your first day as TinyTAN’s manager!
Enjoy rhythm action set to BTS songs and decorate a beautiful Dream House with TinyTAN.
You are the star of this performance!

BTS Dream Features

Remodel the TinyTAN house and make it your own!
– Decorate TinyTAN’s brand new Dream House from scratch!
– Tons of decor items to choose from!

BTS Dream: TinyTAN House

Dress up TinyTAN however you want!
– From edgy stage outfits to cute animal onesies! Fill TinyTAN’s closet!
– Dress up TinyTAN from head to toe!

BTS Dream: TinyTAN House

Spectacular rhythm action with songs by BTS!
– A TinyTAN rhythm game you can enjoy with music that you love!
– Play anytime, anywhere with custom difficulty levels!

BTS Dream: TinyTAN House

Discover adorable TinyTAN moments!
– The Dream House is full of cute surprises!
– Grow your Friendship with TinyTAN! Give each member special gifts!
– Stage photoshoots starring TinyTAN in rooms that you designed!

Available: Google Play – Canada

BTS Dream: TinyTAN House
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