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Bubble Vet – Pet Clinic

Soft Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Bubble Vet – Pet Clinic (by upjers GmbH)

Get to know Dr. Cassie! She can now do her dream job, which is veterinarian, in the animal clinic she inherited. However, there is a lot to renovate.
For that she needs your bubble shooter skills! It’s your task to clear the game board from bubbles in order to further progress the renovation works in Dr. Cassie’s animal hospital.

Bubble game with a catch or rather fetch!

Your tasks include the following:
• Clear a certain number of blue, red, or differently colored bubbles.
• Try to do as many game moves in a row as possible.
• Use your boosters wisely to make the longest possible combos.

Bubble Vet - Pet Clinic

Once in a while you will encounter blockers, which prevent bubbles from bursting. However, you can free them by removing the neighboring bubbles. Of course the bubble game also contains helpful boosters, for example, the hammer. This booster makes you able to destroy selected bubbles and that way you can achieve more game moves in a row.

Bubble Vet - Pet Clinic

Renovate the animal clinic!

If you manage to clear a game board within the stipulated number of game moves, you’ll get stars. This will help you progressing with the veterinarian story featuring Dr. Cassie. Renovate her villa and modernize the animal hospital – soon you will encounter every pet in the neighborhood, and of course also their owners. The dog Nepomuk – a stray from the neighborhood – will become Dr. Cassie’s and your cute companion.

Bubble Vet - Pet Clinic

Your animal clinic will grow with each completed level and provide more and more space for the treatment of cute four-legged friends. However, you can also go wild regarding the interior design in this bubble game. Select beautiful furniture and fitting decorations for the domestic premises of veterinarian Dr. Cassie.

(Animal-)Love and Bubble Shooter!

While you clear bubbles in the bubble game and renew the animal clinic as well as Dr. Cassie’s domestic premises, a lot is going on in the veterinarian’s private life. She encounters old acquaintances and also gets to know new interesting men. You can witness all of that the more you level up. So? Got curious? Then get the animalistic bubble shooter for your smartphone now.

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