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Budge Up!

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The description of Budge Up!

Budge Up! will appeal to all ages of passionate gamers, because it’s a Match3 and Tower Defense in one!
Tiny, pretty, but gluttonous bugs, led by the Worm King, have launched an attack and want to consume everything around. But you are standing in their way and therefore they will have to budge up! Feed them lightning, fire and ice from your cannons! Break their teeth over the solid defense that only you are able to build! Amaze them by your resourcefulness and do not give them a single chance!

– The unique combination of “Match3” and “Tower Defense” will give you the opportunity to get an unforgettable experience and a fireworks of vivid impressions!

– Hundreds of levels will allow you to level up your reaction and ingenuity, as well as get tons of enjoyment from feeling the victory!

Budge Up!

– By solving the various tasks that the game is filled with you can simultaneously use your tactical and logical skills!

– Drag and collect colored blocks to install powerful guns with impenetrable protection in the path of creeps. And remember: they might be cute, but are incredibly hungry 🙂

– The Worm King is always on the alert and will constantly annoy you, and a variety of puzzles and good old Tetris will spur your desire to go further and further!

Budge Up!

– Visit the treasury of the Worm King and find many very interesting gifts!

– Collect stars to proceed further! New levels and new opportunities will open up for you!

– Play offline even without the Internet.

Budge Up!
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