Building Arcadia

Official Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of Building Arcadia (by Golden Rhino Games)

Welcome Grand Architect! Building Arcadia is a sci-fi city-building adventure game that continues playing while you are idle.

You are about to enter the world of Arcadia. Set in the far future where technology has evolved the Human species beyond what we recognise today.

Join an interstellar community called Arcadia, managed by a Council of beings from across the galaxy. The Human’s have finally evolved enough to join the Arcadian authority and you are the first human to granted the privilege of being able to access the network in its entirety.

Your first task as now Grand Architect is to create a new paradise world for humanity to inhabit, created by the Council as a gift. Can you make Fortuna a paradise and make humanity proud? Or will something get in your way?

Over 40 procedurally generated locations on each play-through.
4 different location types to build on
25 Buildings to build (and more to be added)
Lots of obstacles to avoid and clear

Building Arcadia

Encounter an ancient evil that will hinder your progress
Discover over 11 strange anomalies that can have positive and negative outcomes
Seek wisdom and guidance from a sarcastic ‘Quanta’ and get more information on the world of Arcadia
Interact with strange and fun characters

Building Arcadia

Locate and procure resources to fuel the expansion of the colony
Unlock technologies and buildings
Produce, and combine colony products to build a thriving economy.
Incrementally upgrade your producers, refiners and factories to maximise your profits

Building Arcadia

Actions have consequences, this is no typical idle game, so you will need to think about how to expand.
Combat the ancient evil as it attempts to destroy the colony using the power of the nanite swarm
A new type of incremental game that isn’t just a game on rails.
Combines adventure, city building and idle/incremental game aspects
You can die in this game, but with each iteration, your progress will incrementally improve, though with some initial setbacks.

Building Arcadia

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