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BUMP! Superbrawl

Soft Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of BUMP! Superbrawl (by Ubisoft Entertainment)

BUMP! Superbrawl is a 1V1 action strategy game set in a fantastical Utopia. Join an all-new competition with mythical heroes from around the world and become the ULTIMATE CHAMPION! Face off other players in action-packed strategic battles, test your skills in a variety of competitive game modes, switch up your tactics to master new challenges and climb your way up through the leaderboard!

BUMP! Superbrawl
BUMP! Superbrawl

Outsmart other players in fast-paced battles
✔️ Plan each turn wisely and try to anticipate your enemy’s strategy, predicting their next move and using it against them to win 🧠
✔️ Enjoy the show as both your strategies unfolds! Watch your heroes dash around, bump with their rivals and unleash epic chain reactions! 💣
✔️ Earn Trophies to reach new leagues and unlock new content in the Trophy Road!
✔️ Complete Missions to progress in the BUMP Pass!

BUMP! Superbrawl
BUMP! Superbrawl

✔️ Unlock, upgrade and collect iconic heroes from around the world, each with a set of unique skills, ability and stats.
✔️ Form your favorite teams of 3 heroes according to your playstyle and each game modes to create powerful synergies!
✔️ Become the most impressive fighter in the city thanks to unique legendary skins and cosmetics!

BUMP! Superbrawl
BUMP! Superbrawl

Battle in a variety of fast & fun competitive game modes
Brawl: first team performing 3 KO’s wins!
Zone Capture: capture more zones than your opponent to win!
Coins Party: grab and hold on to as many coins as you can!
VIP: the first player to KO the VIP hero in the other team wins!

💡 Discord:

Available: Google Play – Poland

BUMP! Superbrawl

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