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Burger Legend: Idle Hero TD

Early Access+Apk

💡Platform – Android

The description of Burger Legend: Idle Hero TD (by Loongcheer Game)

Story of the Game
The Kingdom of Foods, led by the King of the Cake, was peaceful before until the day when the devils who fought against the heroes for a long time found the gateway to the Kingdom of Food. The devils found that the Foods in the Kingdom of Foods can greatly improve their power and launched the invasion…

Burger Legend: Idle Hero TD

Game Features
• The Foods are the Towers:
Multiple characteristic towers with specialization;
• Heroes are Your Ally
To fight against the devil, you need to get help from heroes;

Burger Legend: Idle Hero TD

Cast Magic Spell
You can cast elemental magic the help the Kingdom of Foods
• Tower Research Institution
Upgrade your research to strengthen the towers
• Portal Gate
Jump through time to save the Kingdom of Food with all efforts!

Burger Legend: Idle Hero TD

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