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Business Go

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💡Platform – Android

The description of Business Go (by Earth and Space Games)

Embark on a journey to own it all- Business Go! Build your own empire by playing this Business game!! Challenge friends and family and play the Business Go Banking game! Pack your bags and embark on a world tour to the most exciting cities in the Business Go Board.

Wheel and deal in the most exotic cities and exciting cities with property values in the millions! It’s a fun twist on a classic board games favorite!

The objective of the game is to become the wealthiest player through buying, renting and selling off property.

Business Go is a great game for 1,2,3 and 4 players. Game starts with the player who rolls the highest, each player in turn throws the dice and moves the pawn in the clockwise direction. If you throw a six, you move your pawn as usual, and are subject to any privileges or penalties pertaining to the space on which you land. Retaining the dice, throw again and move your pawn as before. If you throw sixes three times in succession, move your pawn immediately to the space marked “Jail”.

Business Go

Each time a player’s pawn lands on or passes over GO, whether by throwing the dice or drawing a card, the Banker pays that player a $120 salary. Whenever you land on an unowned property you may buy that property from the Bank at its printed price. If you do not wish to buy the property, the Bank sells it through an auction to the highest bidder. The high bidder pays the Bank the amount of the bid in cash and receives the Title Deed card for that property.
When you land on a property that is owned by another player, the owner collects the rent from you in accordance with the list printed on its Title Deed card.

You land in Jail when your pawn lands on the space marked “Jail” and if you throw sixes three times in succession. When a player owns all the properties in a color-group they may buy houses from the Bank and erect them on those properties.

Business Go

Players can upgrade their owned utilities the next time they land on it. After a number of turns, spaces’ rent will be randomly increased by 2X when Player passes START.
The Player receives double the rent when the opponent lands on property which has a multiplier.

Unimproved properties, railroads and utilities (but not buildings) may be sold to any player as a private transaction for any amount the owner can get. Unimproved properties can be mortgaged through the Bank at any time.
You are declared bankrupt if you owe more than you can pay either to another player or to the Bank. If your debt is to another player, you must turn over to that player all that you have of value and retire from the game.

Play offline or with millions of Business go players around the world in Online Mode.

You can also create Private Rooms and invite your friends to play in Play with Friends Mode.

It is a game of buying, selling, banking and mortgaging etc. So let’s play and prove yourself the wealthiest person. Business Go is an absolute entertainer! Play it with family or friends and never feel a dull moment again.

Don’t forget you can trade the properties with your opponents in the Business Go board game. Be lucky on chases and chances, try to escape from jail.

So go ahead, build your business, rule the world and act wisely not to become bankrupt.

Then what are you waiting for ? Hurry Up!!!! Download Business Go today.

Business Go

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