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Calibria (Jp)

Official Launch+Apk

💡Platform – Android

The description of カリブリア(Calibria) (by Tartarus Games)

All heroes can evolve up to ★ 6!
Introducing a strategic RPG with a high degree of freedom to weave from over 200 heroes!

“On the continent of Calabria, a war over the sacred” “Sacred Stone” begins.
The Guardian of Saint Quartz, a clan of ancient summoners, was surrounded by enemies and had no way of doing it.

Protected by the Dwarven Gentry from enemy attacks, you will board the airship Ark as the last descendant of the clan that protects the Saint Quartz and travel with the “Sacred Crystal” that holds the fate of the Calabrian continent. But …


“A devil? A lie?”
In a world where you don’t know if it’s the work of the devil, the work of human desires, or who is trying to rob it, you can only believe it.

Download now and start a new adventure! Lead the great heroes of the continent of Calabria to save the world now!



[Collect over 200 heroes! ]
“You can collect more than 200 heroes from 5 camps, and the heroes belonging to each camp possess unique skills.
Enjoy historic battles with the legendary heroes!
Freely combine and organize heroes to create the strongest team and fight against the dark forces! “


[Develop your favorite hero skills! ]
“It’s up to you to develop any hero skill!
All heroes have a skill tree that you can customize as you like.
Learn skills in battle and evolve your heroes to unlock various skills!
Increase the hero’s ability by wearing a mysterious rune! “


[Win the battle with strategy and defeat the boss! ]
“There are five types of heroes, order, chaos, wickedness, light, and darkness.
Choose your favorite hero, equip it with runes that go well with the hero, and create your own strongest team!
Once you have formed the strongest team, capture the missions of endless towers, main stages, stadiums, and underground castles! “

[Manual? Auto? It all depends on you! ]
“Calibrian battles can be switched between manual and auto modes at any time!
Since it can lap automatically, you can easily play even when you are busy! “

[Let’s cooperate and compete with players from all over the country! ]
“Send a hero and help your friends to win!
Collaborate with other players, fight together in the guild, aim for the top rankings and win glory! “

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