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Call of Myth:Origin

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💡Platform – Android

Test Time: 2021/6/9 10:00 (UTC+8) – 2021/6/16

The description of Call of Myth:Origin (by UU GAMES)

The “Mortal Race” have high plasticity and strong learning-ability; the “Immortal Race” achieve wisdom to become celestial beings but they are conditioned by the laws; the “Demon Race” set up a separatist regime tend to exert an ever; the “God Race” govern the rule of all things of nature; the “Devil Race” cull the weak with their cruel bloodthirsty instinct. Gods and Devils restrain each others. Mortal, Immortal, Demons check and balance. Stepping into this mysterious world, where exist the three realms and five races, who will you fight for?

Game of thrones and love
With the war of 5 races, the territorial disputes, and the chaos of the three realms, who can dominate the fate of the five races and be the king of the world in one fight alone? What are you longing for? Is the supreme power of the three realms, get the Beauty Daji, or the justice in your heart? Get into the three realms immediately, and start your adventure of myth in this wonderful worlds!

Call of Myth:Origin

Idling and Upgrading
The door to the another world is open! Come and start the most relaxed adventure! Switch the battlefield in one second, cross into the another world in one step, and upgrade levels in one battle! Explore the secret adventures of the Three Realms, conquer the warriors and beauties of all races, a journey of mysterious land with no burden, enjoy idling and easy upgrading!

Call of Myth:Origin

Strategy Reversal
Reject power suppression! Adjust lineup according to enemy conditions to double the effect! 4 classes configurations, 5 races check and balance, 10 formations design and hundreds of hero’s complicated affinity effects, are testing your capacity of combined computing. How to be the king of three realms? Only win by strategy! There is no strongest universal lineup, only the strongest person!

Call of Myth:Origin

Clan Battle
Want to fight the world alone?That’s impossible! Creating a clan and gathering forces of 5 races,
building territory and expanding to all walks of life! Team up to explore the dungeon, collect all kinds of magic artifacts, pills, pets and gears, resource allocation to strengthen the team’s combat power, customize clan positions for their respective duties, and gather the strength of 5 races power to build the empire of your clan, rule all the land for us, dominate the 5 races, the world is defined by you!

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