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Captor Clash – Official iOS

Official Launch – Global + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of Captor Clash (by Studio Trois Private Limited)

Get ready for the most EPIC fighting game with an action-packed experience on the go!
The story takes place on a planet in a different universe, and mankind has made rapid progress by uncovering the technologies in the ancient “ruins”. As technology rockets, so do ambition. The development and competition for relics have brought disputes and wars to the world, and this is the context in which Captor Clash unfolds.
Despite the success in finding relics from alien planets, technology breakthroughs can be good and bad. In the world of betrayal and darkness, you will meet true allies who may be the best fighters, and help you will find the truth behind your lost memories. Every one of them is precious and unique! What are you waiting for! Download Captor Clash now!

Action-packed Game Experience
Ultimate graphics and easy-to-operate controls let you brawl to the flesh!
Super combo fast-actions just at your fingertips!
Various thrilling attack combinations waiting for you to experiment!
Innovative “CHAIN BURST” system gives you the power to crush your opponent, and cause explosive damage!

Captor Clash - Official iOS

Fast-Paced Strategic Gameplays
A wide variety of Equips, Magic, and Armors to mix and match!
Farewell to limited gameplay experience, and feel a new evolution of strategic ARPG!
Defeat enemies using your intelligence!

Captor Clash - Official iOS

Fair Real-time Matches
Compete against players from all over the world in real-time!
Who will be the next Brawler Champion? It is on your call!
Tournaments are highly operation-based with complete fairness. Anyone will enjoy the exciting battles in Captor Clash!

Captor Clash - Official iOS

Awesome Art Style and Character Design
Unique comic-style graphic & fabulous character design!
Just pick the one who strikes your fancy and fight!
Dress them up with your favorite outfits, let them serve as your most powerful fighters!

Captor Clash - Official iOS

Fascinating Stories
In this fictional post-apocalyptic world, there are multiple factions with intricate connections and characters with hidden secrets. Their legends and stories are waiting for you to find out!

Captor Clash - Official iOS
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