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💡 Platform – iOS, Steam, PlayStation, Android

The description of CarX Street (by CarX Technologies)

Ready to plunge into the world of night street racing?

Get behind the wheel, in front of you is a huge open world.

Drift, speed, traffic, rivals. Be the best racer!

The dynamic and open world of CarX Street will make you feel like a truly free street racer. Take on the challenge and become a Sunset City legend. Realistic racing on autobahns and city streets, high-speed drift races from the creators of CarX Drift Racing 2.

Assemble the car of your dreams using detailed tuning that allows you to unleash the full potential of the car’s behavioral physics “CarX Technology”.

You have to explore every street: the huge world of the CarX Street game and exciting car racing will not leave anyone indifferent! Conquer the clubs, accelerate to the maximum and give a corner!

CAREFULLY! This game can take many hours. Remember to take a break every 40 minutes


Ride at top speed or drift around corners – the choice is yours!

Join clubs, defeat bosses and prove to everyone that you are the best racer in this city!

Carefully select parts for your car – they are the ones that will allow you to reveal the car’s abilities by 100%!

Buy houses for your cars and collect a collection for any race mode

At the gas stations of the city you can refuel with gasoline for the desired arrival

Dynamic change of day. Get behind the wheel at any time of the day or night

CarX Street


Detailed car constructor system

Change parts and customize the car for a specific race

Upgrade the engine, gearbox, body, suspension and wheels

Swap the engines of your unique car

CarX Street


Change mirrors, headlights, lights, sills, bumpers, rims and more!

Create a unique image of your car

CarX Street


Experience polished physics and controls that allow you to take full control of the car.

Enjoy modern high-quality graphics and the huge scale of the game world

CarX Street

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CarX Street

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