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Official Launch + APK | DEMO

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Castellan (by CORE GAMES)

Play as a medieval warrior who begins a journey with a sword through a fallen kingdom in a retro art pixel 2D RPG platformer indie game. Through this journey, you can see the beauty of this kingdom with sunny, snowy, and rainy times with stylized pixel art graphics. Many different locations with different weather conditions will simply delight your eye with their beauty.


Some levels can be difficult to complete in this journey only with a sword. To get through levels you need to defeat enemy warriors with your sword and gain more XP points to upgrade your skill levels and unlock magic skills. To pump your warrior with skills you can kill warriors, wolfs, monsters, and even giants. You can find chests with gems at some places and you can sell gems to merchants and earn silver coins. Some chests are hidden, and you need to discover them on your own. You can also find gems by killing some warriors. With silver coins, you can buy foods to heal and various poisons to get various abilities for short period.


To kill hard warriors sometimes you need to use poisons to gain extra abilities. There are so many unique abilities that you can gain using poisons. Some poisons can slow down the time and even some poisons can make you invisible.


This game did not require any internet connection so you can play this game offline.
Controller and gamepad support only in gameplay.
Also, this game did not include any ads.

Begin the journey with the “Castellan” medieval warrior sword indie game and explore the fallen kingdom in the pixel art retro world.

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