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Castle Master

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The description of Castle Master

Welcome to Castleville — a land of heroes, princesses, dragons and treasures! You are about to have it all and build the craziest castle yet!

As a lord you will build a joyful castle of your dream, save the princess, defeat fearsome and dangerous monsters and find your very first treasure!
Your exciting adventure begins now!

Castle Master

Story-driven campaign. The princess is gone! Uncover the truth: who would dare to use the castle hustle and kidnap her? Hundreds of funny and intriguing quests with dozens of magical creatures to encounter!
Construction. Every lord wants to make their castle better, to fill the treasury with gold and have fun with daily feasts. Build and develop your castle, earn more gold to further upgrade it further!
Control. Hire new peasants, increase your taxes and manage the hustle!
Collect. Gather cards of different funny heroes that will help you out on your quest!

Fight. Participate in enthralling battles with wide variety of bosses! Hunt down your very first Dragon!

Be a part of this fairytale, play Castle Master!

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