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Castle Watch

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Castle Watch (by Soda Games Publishing)

Embark on an epic journey in the ancient land of Aldia, where a post-apocalyptic world in chaos awaits your command. Dive into epic battles and collect legendary heroes to join your journey.

Lead Your Castle to Survival:
Take charge of your castle and guide your people through the harsh landscapes of Aldia. Strategize your castle, train your heroes, and fight for vital resources.

Castle Watch

Battle Mystic Creatures and Monsters:
Engage in thrilling battles against diverse creatures that roam the land. Adapt your strategies to overcome each enemy and prove the might of your heroes in the face of adversity.

Castle Watch

Collect and Unlock Heroes:
As you traverse the post-apocalyptic landscapes of Aldia, discover a myriad of heroes with unique abilities. Upgrade their abilities to build the ultimate team and defend your castle against enemy onslaught.

Castle Watch

Epic and Challenging Boss Battles:
Prepare for epic encounters with powerful bosses that will test your strategic skills. Vanquish these monstrous adversaries to unlock valuable resources and unveil the secrets of Aldia’s dark past.

Castle Watch

Upgrade Your Heroes’ Abilities:
Empower your heroes with an extensive upgrade system. Enhance their skills, unlock new abilities, and strategize your selection of heroes for each level. Only the strongest will survive the relentless onslaught of demons and monsters.

Available: Google Play – US, CA, PH, etc…

Castle Watch

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