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Cat Battles: Mini RPG

💡 Platform – iOS

The description of Cat Battles: Mini RPG (by Lukycats Co.Ltd)

Cat Battles is an idle game that offers a wide range of weapons, equipment, and skills. You embark on an adventure as a brave cat warrior, bringing peace to the world! Summon a powerful team of heroes, create a legendary squad, recruit other animals in this world to fight alongside you, upgrade skills to unlock legendary characters, and destroy the evil monsters.

The idle click gameplay of this game allows you to easily earn coins to enhance your cat’s attributes, making your adventure even more effortless.

Interesting Adventure
Defeat monsters and reclaim the stolen treasures!

Cat Battles: Mini RPG

Overcome powerful bosses to earn gold coins and loot!

Distinct Heros
Each cat inherits the bloodline of a heavenly deity!

Unlock these cats to become the king of gods!

Cat Battles: Mini RPG

Fun Collection
Collect a variety of weapons and equipment to help in every battle!

Gather powerful skills to break through all obstacles!

Collect epic characters to become the king of gods!

Gather cute companions to accompany you on your journey!

Cat Battles: Mini RPG

Effective Relaxation

Set up your hero squad, and they will fight for you automatically!

Even offline, you can still earn rewards in this idle clicker and action RPG game.

Cat Battles: Mini RPG

Easily win strategic battles, allowing you to enjoy the fun of adventure with ease.

Build your own army and summon allies to help you defeat the bosses.

Upgrade your favorite heroes in this idle role-playing game.

Endless game levels bring endless fun.

Cat Battles: Mini RPG

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