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Catapult Hero


💡 Platform – Android

The description of Catapult Hero (by Feiyue Wireless)

Catapult Hero is a casual game with classic artillery aiming system. It uses a fresh and science fiction art style, combining different new gameplay such as Chariot Sciamachy, Battle Royale, and Monster Crusade Order. Different daily challenges, various characters, and chariots are waiting for you, create the advantage team to challenge now!

Catapult Hero

-Classic Ballistic Projection Gameplay: Detailed guiding tutorial and visualizing shooting line, simple controls, easy to master.
-Strategy Matching: Collect and upgrade characters, take advantage of the evil enemies, and build the best team. Perfect your strategy to win the victory!

Catapult Hero

-Various Maps: The game offer various maps to experience, such as city, forest, sea, church, and so on. Each maps have their own characteristic, let’s tart an exciting adventure now!
-Multi-type challenge: Different daily unique challenges, chariots event, and Battle Royale, challenge the boss and get amazing rewards!

Catapult Hero

-Inimitably Pets: Cute and powerful pets with special talent. Defeat opponents together, you will never face the enemy alone!

Available: Google Play – SG

Catapult Hero

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