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Cat’s Off Duty Escape Adventure

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Cat’s Off Duty Escape Adventure (by Well Of Tales)

Cats Off Duty: The stealthy feline adventure

Step into the paws of a crafty cat. As this super cute, black feline hero, you’ll tiptoe through vibrant and colorful levels. Your mission? Evade the relentless cuddles of overly affectionate humans! Dash, hide, and outwit them in this enchanting point-and-click casual game.

Cat's Off Duty Escape Adventure

Unlock levels with crunchies: Earn “crunchies” as you outsmart your human companions. These delicious morsels unlock new levels, each adorned with original graphics. From cozy pots to secret spots under couches, explore a world where stealth meets strategy.

Cat's Off Duty Escape Adventure

The Purr-fect blend of stealth and humor – Click lairs to hide, move swiftly when humans approach, and collect crounchies. But that’s not all!!! Explore game-changing mods like “All You Can Eat” (devour everything in 20 seconds) and the mystical “Magic Pot” (fill it up while dodging human hands).

Sushi pieces and Special Bonuses: Earn sushi pieces to boost your crounchy collection. Activate lightning speed or wield the holy shield for protection. And if you’re short on crounchies, fear not! New players receive a special bonus, and the magic wheel awaits your spin.

Cat's Off Duty Escape Adventure

Whimsical Tunes: Immerse yourself in whimsical classical music! Revel in the joy of each successful escape, celebrating your feline freedom. After all, who can resist a supercute cunning cat?

Cat's Off Duty Escape Adventure

Expanding the feline adventure : Stay tuned! We’re planning exciting updates to enhance your cat-tastic journey. More levels, characters, and surprises await!

Cats Off Duty Open Beta is live! Explore, dodge, and have fun with our stealthy cat. Remember, it’s a beta: bugs may sneak in. Your feedback is gold – help us purr-fect the game!

Thank you for being part of our story, We’re incredibly grateful to have you with us. Your support and feedback are what make this game possible. So, thank you for joining us in this open beta – let’s make it a feline adventure to remember!

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