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Causal Prophecy: Puzzle & Tales

Official Launch + Apk

💡 Platform – Android | iOS(TW)

The description of 因格瑪の預言: Puzzle & Tales (by Joy Games Limited)

In order to save the sister who was infected with the curse of the plague, the young “Wisla” and his friends embarked on a journey to find the fountain of life. On the way, I met a mysterious girl who mastered the laws of time and space. Under her guidance, she rewritten the fate of the Promethean continent step by step, and unexpectedly revealed the mystery of the ancient elves…

因格瑪の預言: Puzzle & Tales
因格瑪の預言: Puzzle & Tales

Game Features
It is drawn with passion by Japan’s top painters, with rich and delicate character settings, bringing you an excellent character collection experience.
The operation is simple, the special effects are gorgeous, and the elimination is refreshing. You can enjoy the extraordinary fighting experience by simply sliding your finger.

因格瑪の預言: Puzzle & Tales
因格瑪の預言: Puzzle & Tales

Huge world view, exquisite plot, all Japanese dubbing presents a wonderful fantasy world.
PVP competitions, guild dungeons, Roguelike, and a variety of gameplay combinations make your adventure rich and colorful.
Unique floating island construction system, resource collection, development and construction, to create your own fantasy sky castle.

Official website

Available: Google Play / App Store – TW

因格瑪の預言: Puzzle & Tales
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