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Caveman Go – Official IOS

Official Launch+Apk

💡Platform – Android | Ios

The description of Caveman Go (by Lime Games)

Finally, you answered my call, braves! I Kruz, the son of our chief, ask your to help us defend our home! The smudge beyond the horizon started to slowly creep through our entire land. Souls are suffering here and became aggressive after inhaling those toxic gas. It’s time for you to set off into uncharted lands, explore the different stone ages terrains, discover the truth of this catastrophe from afar and most importantly survive through the relentless monsters and enemies that covet our home.

Rogue-lite + Action + Strategy
Choose your skill combinations & weapon upgrades, get double-buffs, and crush your enemies! Experience all only with one-hand intuitive control!

Caveman Go

Stimulating adventure
Craw your way through fierce enemies within hundreds of different maps with unique landscapes and beautiful views.

Caveman Go

Get help from divine beings
Become a superhero, use your superpower, and bring along ancient beast companions to help you with their unique moves.

Caveman Go

Gear up with holy artifacts
Send your prayers and get weapons and equipment to increase your stats. Get blessed gear with special ability if you get lucky, fingers crossed!

Caveman Go

Challenges, more challenges
Rank up and become the best cave warrior among your friends, districts even world! Not enough? Try elite level in Road to heroes or customize the difficulty in the God Realm for some extra spice and better loot!

Caveman Go
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