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Celestial Goddess

Official Launch(Global)+Apk

💡Platform – Android

The description of Celestial Goddess (by Glitch Studio Co., Ltd.)

Civilization shattered with a comet collision, and a new human “goddess”!
The epic of human greed that challenges God unfolds.
Commander, beautiful goddesses await your command!

★ High quality anime graphics★
2D anime illustrations of beautiful goddesses are available!

★ Deck building fun using your own strategy★
Create your own fleet composition through 40+ job and skill combinations.
Build the ultimate fleet that no one can defeat!

Celestial Goddess

★ Collect powerful goddesses of battlefields ★
Recruit goddesses with unique background stories and grow them into great captains.
They are waiting for your command!

★ The fierce battle of the two camps surrounding celestial stones ★
Choose the country you want to belong to and lead the country to victory.
The winner has a right gather celestial stones !

Celestial Goddess

★ Growth, attack, defense! Best pet system ★
Hatch pet eggs and collect pets to aid the goddesses.
With a variety of traits such as combat, support, growth type pets, and more, special pets can make goddesses more powerful!

★ Collect various types of celestial islands and build your own empire ★
Start leveling up buildings in your celestial island.
Build your kingdom and rise to the top!

Celestial Goddess

★ Interesting stories of goddesses who are more greedy than humans★
The mysterious resource’Skystone’ found in ‘God’s Retribution’
The war between the two nations and a conspiracy to take over this!
An overwhelming scale of story is waiting for you!

Celestial Goddess

‘God’s retribution’
Mankind has lost it all when a huge comet suddenly hit the Earth.
The impact of the comet’s fall contaminated the surrounding land, causing plants to stop growing, and a plague broke out, killing life.
Continents split by the impact of a comet’s impact fuse with the comet’s fragments, creating their own gravity and beginning to float in the air.
The fragments named “Celestial Stones” are substances that do not exist on Earth, and contain strong energy inside
There was a problem that the energy acts as a lethal toxicity to the surrounding life.

As a result of research by humans who settled in celestial islands to use the power of celestial stones,
Only few women became able to withstand the energy of the celestial stone, and they became called goddesses,
They came to possess a powerful force different from that of the sages.

With the goddesses’ performance, mankind has begun to develop again, and the comet crash site where the perforated rock is buried is centered on the west side of the “Ceres” and on the east side of “Yudia”

Celestial Goddess
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