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Cell Defense: TD

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Cell Defense: TD (by DHGames Limited)

Attention! Your cellular territory is under attack! Tap to summon more cell warriors to participate in battle, defeat enemies, and win battles.
You are the immune system that protects the human body, commanding the cells in the body to take up arms to fight against the terrible mutated cells or viruses. It’s an endless battle, but along the way you’ll get to know different cells and work with them to defend your host’s health.

Cell Defense: TD

Game Features:
Tower Defense Battles. Exciting real-time battles! Constantly summon cell warriors to defend against the attacks of the virus legions or other players.

Cell Defense: TD

1v1 Fair Competition, strategy reigns supreme. With hundreds of strategic combinations to choose from, freely craft your powerful team and defeat your opponents!

Cell Defense: TD

Collect & Deck Building. Collect Various kinds of cell warriors and enhance them! There are hundreds of cell warriors, through different team combinations, each can bring out different skill traits.

Cell Defense: TD

Daily Quests. The game contains daily quests, complete daily quests to get rewards, and improve your team better and faster!

Cell Defense: TD

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