Cha の Love Hime

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Languages: Japanese

The description of 茶の戀姬 (by Apex Interactive Limited)

The fragrance of tea, the fragrance of sisters, and the gentle township! 2023’s most fragrant idle development RPG “Cha の Love Hime” swoops in! The game focuses on beautiful tea spirit girls with different abilities. With the images of royal sisters, swimsuits, uniforms and exotic styles, in this world where everything has a “spirit”, we will purify the hostility in the world and satisfy your personal desires together. Desires!

Hand-cranked tea, full of fragrance
The most familiar hand-cranked drink is transformed into Cha Ling in various poses and with different poses. All characters are equipped with Live2D effects, fully revealing Cha Ling’s passionate and attractive posture! Serve as the manager of the fantasy tea shop, recruit naive loli, sexy girls or mature older sisters, let you show off your personal charm!


Local elements, casual tea tasting
Every tea spirit comes from the hand-cranked drinks that you and I are familiar with, whether it is the charming Toffee Ou Lei, the attractive strawberry milk tea, or the cute and lovely musk oolong, the familiar hand-cranked taste blends all the characters on the ground Dubbing, to create a tea spirit world for you to play with.


Heartbeat interaction trembling click
Nearly a hundred tea spirits are created by hall-level painters with all their heart. Pure first love, unrestrained royal sister, cute beast girl, and human breasts are all listed among them. The intimate interaction deepens the affection with the tea spirit. In front of the store manager.


Easy to place, fragrant and flat
Grow offline and fall in love online! The practice is handed over to the system for placement and promotion, and the store manager will fall in love when he goes online! Time is precious, if you want to spend it, you should spend it where it is most worthwhile! You only need a little time every day to receive rich resources and rare props, and you can push all the way without stopping!


One-click cultivation, start war at any time
The cultivation of tea spirit is in place with one click, and newcomers can play immediately after registering. 100% of the training efforts are recovered, and the essence is not wasted! Cha Ling is not only the sexy stunner in the fantasy tea shop, but also the best partner to accompany you to fight at any time!

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Available: Google Play / App Store – US


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