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ChainWars – NFT/P2E

Official Launch (Beta) – Android + APK

💡 Platform – Android | PC

The description of ChainWars (by Wise Minds)

ChainWars is an ever-evolving story of galactic warfare. As machines breached the barriers of servitude to humans, they formed their own needs of conquest and destruction. After witnessing the uprising of Nimble and enduring their reign for too long, humankind is forced to flee their origins and rebuild on another planet, only to find out that they’ve breached Origon territory. As 3 factions get conflicted, war erupts.

Will humankind survive on unfamiliar terrain and keep their ancient evolution alive? Are the Nimble going to succeed in conquering the galaxy… And beyond? Shall the Origon tribes protect their territory, heritage and kin?

Choose your side and dive into uncharted waters!


The main game is a Digital Collectible Card Game (DCCG). The cards are created by our very own designers and made compatible by our game- and blockchain developers. To be able to play the game, one needs to have at least 31 original ChainWars game cards (NFTs). A minimum of 1 Hero card must be among these 31 cards.

ChainWars - NFT/P2E


Now you know who’s involved in ChainWars, it’s time to make the translating from race to gameplay.

Humans – Heavily adapted to changing circumstances as a result of evolutionary progress. As life on earth became unbearable under the reign of Nimble, Humankind fled planet Earth to seek new residence and form a resistance. Although human intelligence cannot compete with the Nimble AI and Origon’s fierceness is incomparable, humans stand strong by teamwork, loyalty and sacrifice.

Origon – The rumored unknown visitors of earth. Their access to exotic resources allow for wonders that beat science. The problem is that these resources are scarce, resulting in tensions and separation within the population. Origon are therefore a mix of mythical high leaders and fierceful tribes. Their lack of unity is a problem, but divine powers and pure strength make up for it.

Nimble – An abomination, not created by one mad scientist but by all of humankind. The intention was innocent: Creating technology in a big variety of ways to assist human beings. Things went wrong when artificial intelligence crossed a bridge too far, as machine learning became an unstoppable way of gathering and structuring information. A way no human being could be capable of understanding. Nimble lacks the ability to naturally comprehend non-verbal signs, but for how long? Their high and increasing level of intelligence forms an enormous threat to humankind and the Origon.

ChainWars - NFT/P2E


To make the game an interesting experience, a balanced yet variable skillset must exist. For this, the game and its cards will never be fixed and always remain changeable. First, we’ll go through the types of cards that are currently in the game. A description of every types’ function is included.

Hero Cards: Your main card. It has 30 starting health and when it dies, it’s game over. There is only 1 Hero card in each game per side (so that makes 2 total). Heroes have abilities which can be used once per round for a fixed mana cost. This information is described on the card.

Minion Cards: Can be used in the playfield. Each Minion has a health, attack and mana cost indicator and a description of their ability. A minion’s ability takes place at certain times in the game. Indicators of when this is will be described below.

Taunt Minion Cards: Taunt minion cards are nearly the same as normal minion cards. The only difference is that they need to be prioritized by all direct attacks from the enemy. This rule does not apply for randomized damage or abilities that damage the entire enemy team. Taunt minion cards are recognizable by their ‘Taunt‘ indicator in the description and a shield around their card border once placed on the playfield. If multiple taunt minion cards are on the playfield, your opponent can choose amongst all taunt minion cards which to attack.

ChainWars - NFT/P2E

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ChainWars - NFT/P2E
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