Champion Hunters NFT/P2E

Official Launch Alpha – April 28

💡 Platform – Android | iOS | Steam

The description of Champion Hunters NFT

CHAMPION HUNTERS is an open-world Action RPG developed by Brick Geek Games. This action-packed, play-to-earn game is built upon the blockchain technology allowing the offering of NFTs, in-game currencies, and gaming tokens.

Explore the game’s immersive 3D world environment to hunt champion monsters, collect runes, unlock portals, traverse dungeons to find hidden treasures and uncover the story behind the glorious world of “Valdoria”. Along the journey, you will meet several characters to help you with your quest against the Terror King who seeks to collect all Valdorian Master Runes in order to posses the greatest power of all.

Open world exploration and in-game NFTs collection
Embark on a journey through the stunning 3D environment world of Valdoria. Hunt Champion monsters and gain experience through combat, exploration and quests while collecting NFT items along the way.

Champion Hunters NFT
Champion Hunters NFT
Champion Hunters NFT


Skills and magic spells

Skills are effective way to battle enemies as it gives a huge amount of damage and capable of hitting multiple enemies at the same time. Spells are also used to heal, buff, strengthen your defense and speed up your movements. To acquire skills and spells, the player must offer a combination of runes to the fairy and she will bestow upon you the gift of new power.


Just like humans, characters in Champion Hunters has the capacity to get weary and gradually lose their energy when engaged in battles and exploration. Energy must be observed to maximize its full potential.

Each basic attack cost 1 energy

Skills cost more energy depending on its power level

There are different items to refill your energy

Raising your energy stats will give your character more energy to use.

Champion Hunters NFT

Champion Assist

After completing the summoner shrine quest, you will have the option to call your teammates to help you in combat temporarily.

Summons other characters to help you in battle.

Assist gauge fills up every time you attack or when taking a damage.

Maximum of 3 basic attacks per summon.

Champion Hunters NFT
Champion Hunters NFT
Champion Hunters NFT

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