Chaos Faction: DAI


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💡Platform – Android

The description of Chaos Faction: DAI (by 3456Play)

This is a strategy RPG with Roguelike gameplay and Legendary Heroes. Your journey is able to begin…

“It seems like something abnormal happening here! ”
To find out the Sage’s Stone, the protected treasure in Alchemy Academy and stolen by demons, the guardians of the 12 constellations came to this misty forest and start the adventure…

Ride your dragon and summon the legendary heroes! They will be your forces and fight for you! Are you ready?

Roguelike Adventures & Dungeons
Randomly generate levels when you start the challenge. You will experience the fantasy adventures and exciting battles in different maps. Challenge the powerful monster for the rare weapons!

Chaos Faction: DAI

6 Races with 600+ Strategies
Loki, Zeus, Poseidon, Hephaestus, Lü Bu, … legendary heroes from 6 races in game. Beware of the restraints between different races and find out your exclusive formation strategies!

Chaos Faction: DAI

Dragon Rider
Summon your own dragon in the battle. Riding on the dragon and unleash the Final Attack!

Chaos Faction: DAI

Castle & Artifact System
Create your own castle and gain gold and gems. Collect the Philosopher’s stones to upgrade the Artifact, your power will grow exponentially!

Upgrade! Non-Stop!
Keep fighting and upgrade easily in the game. Say goodbye to the tedious and sticky game experience! Easy click to get income, strengthen your team and get perfect gaming experience!

Chaos Faction: DAI

Exciting 5v5 Battle
Take your team enter the arena, battle with other players. Build up strength to fight for the ultimate glory and rewards.

Power of Contract, Reduce Consumption
After unlocking Power of Contract, the cultivation in several heroes will be applied on other heroes automatically without any further consumption!

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Available: Google Play – ID

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