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Cheer up! Master (KR)

Official Launch+Apk

The description of Cheer up! Master(힘내세요 마스터)

You became a master by being summoned to a strange world with Ashera’s earnest wish
Join forces with the warriors to stop the chaos in another world.
I need your help. Come on, Master!

힘내세요 마스터

Various character action
Each warrior can meet a variety of unique skills.
Feel the best action through unique warriors!

힘내세요 마스터

Party action game like never before
Through the instructions of the master,
Full of fun with the action of gathering together and breaking through monsters!

힘내세요 마스터

Easy operation, extreme hitting feeling
Easy operation is basic based on cute and cute graphics
And the extreme feeling of blow that can be felt by the manipulation

힘내세요 마스터

Maximize the fun of battle with various elements of adventure
Including expeditions, golden balloons, watchtowers, and even the arena.
There is no time to hesitate even for a moment. Leave now, Master!

힘내세요 마스터
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