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Cheetahboo Super Dash – Arcade & Adventure

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The description of Cheetahboo Super Dash – Arcade & Adventure

Shall we explore the 3 mods that Cheetahboo and friends will be facing?

1. Exploring the Underground World
Your underground world adventure will be with Cheetahboo, who is training to be a hero.
The wonderful and beautiful underground world is very dangerous. That’s why you need the power of Cheetahboo.
You will witness the sudden tremendous power of Cheetahboo as he travels down the underground world,
as you avoid and smash the obstacles with the power of Cheetahboo and travel through the underground world. Let’s go together! It’s so perfectly fun!
Challenge yourself with how many stages you can clear.

Cheetahboo Super Dash - Arcade & Adventure

2. Upgrading the base
Arumi is keeping herself very busy while Cheetahboo is exploring the underground world. She is not only restoring the base so that her friends can rest in it but also leveling it up so that it’d be more amazing and cool than ever. Please help Arumi out in decorating the base.

Cheetahboo Super Dash - Arcade & Adventure

3. Hero Trainee’s Closet
Hamdong is trying hard to become like Cheetahboo, even today. His priority is working hard on making clothes for Cheetahboo. He’s hard at work thinking about how he also wants to wear them one day. What kind of clothes do you like? Let’s make various clothes for Cheetahboo and collect them with Hamdong.

Cheetahboo Super Dash - Arcade & Adventure

Enjoy the exciting gameplay that you could not experience in other running games!

Cheetahboo Super Dash - Arcade & Adventure
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