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Chimeras Play-2-Earn Metaverse

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💡 Platform – Android

The description of Chimeras Play-2-Earn Metaverse (by Red Pill Dev Studio)

Chimeras is a Play-to-Earn fantasy Metaverse that thrusts you into a world of rich lore and unique NFT creatures that will mine resources, craft items, brew alchemy, and battle it out for you in exciting arena fights, letting you earn!

Chimeras plunges players into a vast, open-world of countless islands rich with resources and magical artifacts that can be used to open mines, craft unique NFT items, and earn valuable prizes. Some of the Chimeras’ features:

Chimeras Play-2-Earn Metaverse
Chimeras Play-2-Earn Metaverse

Mining – Mine your islands to generate unique NFT items and valuable resources to upgrade your Chimeras and improve earning levels.
Alchemy – Brew powerful potions and elixirs to use in battle. Alchemy mini-games immerse you into a unique experience of countless ingredients and mighty magic!
Battles – Upgrade your Chosen Ones – warrior creatures – and send them out into the arena to fight powerful competitors for countless prizes and glory.
Breeding – Create new and unique Chimera NFTs of varying degrees of rarity and abilities by combining in-game ingredients.
Land – Buy, sell, develop, and customize your in-game land plots in NFT format to build the island of your dreams and populate it with droves of Chimeras to serve their master.
Marketplace – Sell, exchange, and buy resources, rare NFTs, Chimeras, and potions on the in-game marketplace.

Chimeras Play-2-Earn Metaverse
Chimeras Play-2-Earn Metaverse

Chimeras is a unique blend of DeFi, Play-to-Earn, and Free-to-Play mechanics combined with exciting gameplay, stunning visuals, and an unforgettable atmosphere of magic and non-stop action.

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Chimeras Play-2-Earn Metaverse
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