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Chinese Paladin

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of Chinese Paladin (by HONG KONG SEVEN NINE GAME TECHNOLOGY CO., LIMITED)

The new genuine Chinese Paladin IP mobile game masterpiece, restore your favorite Chinese Paladin world.

Skeleton animation restores classic characters, game scenes are reproduced 1:1, the if-line plot completes all regrets, and Roglike maze exploration extra scene. Old memories, New stories! Here, once again relive the fun of wandering into the world of Chinese Paladin.

Game features

-Painting skin and bones, skeletal animation recreates classic characters
Unique painting style, high-definition remake of classic characters from the Chinese Paladin series;Bone animation, lifelike, depicting the original Chinese Paladin.

Chinese Paladin

-Expansion of the IF line to satisfy your unrealized wishes
The original game scenes are redrawn, and the entire plot is restored 1:1;Add if line expansion to give you the opportunity to save the regrets left from those years.

Chinese Paladin

-Exciting adventure, revisit the stand-alone maze
Explore random extra scene in Roguelike mazes, retaining the fun of searching for extra scene in the stand-alone version

Chinese Paladin

-Form switching, six attributes & many combinations of skills
Character skills are highly restored, strategies are free, and hundreds of matching strategies can be staged, and unlock various battle lineups.

-Place it for cultivation, free your hands and protect your liver
Idle gameplay, collect massive resources while idle, easily cultivate paladin.

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Chinese Paladin

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