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Chrono Astrea

Official Launch(Global) + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

Languages: EN, CN

The description of Chrono Astrea (by Runewaker Entertainment)

On the Day of Ruin, an assassination was attempted on the Archkeeper of Light by five pagans. A battle for the ages took place, and evil was defeated. With their corrupt ambitions crushed, they were banished to the ends of the world.

Chrono Astrea

After a long preparation, the long-awaited purification ceremony, which would bring salvation to all life on the continent of Orema, would finally take place on the Day of Divination. The ceremony was not welcomed by all. Wicked forces seeking to foil this event have spewed their nefarious influence throughout the land and called forth their minions to wreak havoc far and wide.

Chrono Astrea

Everyone has been led to believe this truth, yet cracks in this tale have emerged. Layer by layer the illusions are being peeled back and at the center lies a world changing catastrophe.

Chrono Astrea

Will you uncover the truth in time?

Fast and exciting action combat.
Rich hero and skill development.
Fully customizable talent system.
Idle rewards for continuous progress.

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Chrono Astrea
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