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Chrono Legacy: Strategy RPG

Official Launch(Global)+APK

💡Platform – Android | iOS

The description of Chrono Legacy: Strategy RPG (by 37GAMES GLOBAL)

Lead an elite squad of historical figures. Defeat the Chrono Pirates and the Outsider Legion to resume the timeline of our universe!

Summon legendary heroes
Alexander the Great, Hattori Hanzo, Joan of Arc……fight alongside historic figures of various civilizations.

Chrono Legacy: Strategy RPG

Think to win
Create an elite squad of different types of heroes. You might need to change their formation or lineup to deal with different situations.

Chrono Legacy: Strategy RPG

Shareable Hero Levels
Don’t wanna level up a new hero from Lv.1? Share the levels among your heroes!

Chrono Legacy: Strategy RPG

Idle function
Tired of endless grinding? In this game, the heroes grind for themselves while you are offline! All you need to do is turning on the auto-combat function.

Chrono Legacy: Strategy RPG

Challenge Boss
Form alliance with players from around the globe to defeat the powerful Chrono Criminals!

Chrono Legacy: Strategy RPG

Build Your Base
Explore the chrono rift. Unlock new buildings in your base!

Yes, there’s a dragon too.
Tame and train your own dragon which will provide useful buffs to your squad!

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Chrono Legacy: Strategy RPG
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